Tea Tree Special Combo under 1199 only


Tea Tree Special Combo under 1199 only


About These Items

1.Tea Tree Shampoo 400ml

Tea tree shampoo strengthens the roots of your hair, improves scalp health by unblocking pores. This reduces dandruff formation.

2.Tea Tree Conditioner 400ml

Tea tree Conditioner is used to treat scalp conditions such as dandruff and to stimulate new hair growth by clearing out old dead skin cells from hair follicles.

3.Tea Tree Facial  Scrub 250ml

keeps skin clear of blackheads, unblock pores, and remove dead skin cells

4.Tea Tree Foaming Face Wash 200ml

Controls Acne & Pimples. It reduces and prevents the development of acne and pimples

5.Tea Tree Facial Wipes 25

Tea tree oil washes away oil, dead skin, and chemical build-up, Cleanse and purify with no need to rinse


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